Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Almost 5 months!!!

I finally had professional pictures taken of Gage. Sad to say that he is almost 5 months old (next week) and I'm just getting to it. The other 3 had about 2 or 3 rounds taken by now! Sorry Gage!!! And, he did such a great job posing for the photographer. She and I were both sweating from working so hard to get him balanced, looking the right direction and smiling somewhat! Sweet big sister Abree also was a trooper on keeping his attention.

We can't quite figure out his hair color as it changes so much with the light he is in.
But, with this pictures...hmmm, it looks pretty red! :)

Here he is the little guy is studded up in his sweater vest and jeans!
Wish he'd never grow out of this outfit.

Look our 4 1/2 month old can sit all by his self. He is so amazing!
I was holding him up from behind and they just hid my arm with "tools."

I love this picture! I literally have probably 10 pictures total with all my kids as I'm the one who takes all the pictures in our family. I told the lady today this would be one of the few chances I could get one with him! :) I can hardly believe our little blessing is almost 5 months old. Truly wish I could freeze time. He is such a joy to all of us. I just love how the kids come running in the house from school and fight over who gets to hold him, kiss him, feed him. He is truly adored! Each day is incredible with his smile, smells (good and bad), jabbering, and tricks. We love you, Gage!