Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Gage and dad taking a walk
We just returned from the most amazing family vacation we've ever taken. My little sister married her long-time sweet heart on the lovely island of Maui. This gave us the opportunity to go somewhere we probably would never have gone, and we loved every single moment of it. I think we'll probably be going back! It was amazing, eventhough it is Hawaii's winter. Highs in the mid-80's, lows in the 70's, a little breezy, a few amazing Hawaiian rains, great surfing waves to watch, and all the beauty we could imagine. Plus, about 60 family and friends on the island in various locations.

Aunt Sara, Uncle Kane, Grandma Joleena and Grandpa Shannon's hotel had great water slides and pools. We all enjoyed them!


Scuba diving lessons were given at our condo in the pool, then Ashtyn and her dad went on a scuba diving adventure in the ocean. What a great experience! They had a blast.

Ash, practicing in the pool.
Getting ready to hit the ocean!
We took a fantastic trip with Michael's family to the crater island of Molikini. While there we all had the chance to snorkel in the clearest water over a great reef filled with beautiful fish. We then got on the boat and went off the coast of Maui and were able to swim with very large sea turtles and see more beautiful fish on the reef. The day was beautiful and we all had an amazing time.

Austen, Myles and Gunnar

Our crew

Gunnar testing out his gear


Of course, there was a wedding! It was the most amazing location located on the north side of the island near Haiku. It was at an old sugar mill which they've converted into a beautiful location for weddings and parties. The venue was undescribably beautiful. What a fun day! Welcome to the family...finally...Kane! We love you both.

Ash and Jill

Mom and her girls
Our family and Kaytlyn at rehearsal dinner
We played in the water a lot!!!

Ash boogie boarding

Gage and mom enjoying a beautiful evening

Gage wasn't a big fan of the sand or the ocean at first, but we worked on him and he was ok with it by the end.

Watching surfers on some huge waves on the North shore.

Sara, Grandpa and Gage

Aunt Sara making Abree into a mermaid

Grandma, Grandpa and Gage

Gage waiting patiently to get into the pool. Trying to get to his sisters and brother!

The favorite dancer at the luau!

Abree and Ash headed to hit the waves

Dad and Gunnar

Abree doing some water tricks

Taking in the luau

The wind loved to catch Gage's hair

Their favorite spot...the hot tub

More stunts

loved the water...both of them

Great aquarium!

watching the fish

This was a white shark. There were hammerheads, tigers and more sharks. Plus, baracuda, a few types of sting rays, and a bunch of jaks in this tank.

Love the jelly fish

Got to touch and feel

Abree with the most important accessory, the goggles. KK, too.

Sand sticking to his face, in his eyes, in his mouth...he hated it. Then I realized how much he had in his pants...poor guy!

Outside the door of our condo

Ash and Gunnar boardin'
Gunnar loved it until he got thrashed onto the beach and ate too much sand! Abree, too.

If you ask the kids, they'd probably say that the bumper boats were one of their favorites. Abree even got to drive her own! Oh, they giggled so much, including dad and Kaytlyn.

Abree this isn't a bull, it is a turtle. Oh, the farm girl!

There are about 300 more pictures I could share, but I would bore you. We are so blessed to have had this experience. If you are considering taking a family vacation, consider Maui! It was phenominal. Our kids were begging us to live there and enroll them in school as the saddness over took them leaving the island.
Congratulations, Sara and Kane!


Yes, I'm quite behind on my blog. Chasing 4 kiddos, keeping my hubby on-top of things, attempting to keep the house and farm in order, taking over our 4-H club, helping my little sis tie the knot, and so much more has kept me quite busy. I feel so guilty reading everyone else's blogs. I'm going to try and do some catch up in the weeks to come.

But, after Christmas our blog will be going private. If you would still like access to my blog, please let me know and I'll give you permission. Please e-mail me your address (if you have my e-mail) or leave a comment on this post and I'll add you to the list.

Enjoy your holiday season. I hope it is filled with laughter, love and joy. Remember the reason for the season...God so loved the world!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sara's Bridal Shower

Me, my mom and my little sister

Saturday we celebrated my sister Sara's upcoming wedding with a beautiful bridal shower at her future in-laws' home. It was a perfect day, with an amazing setting, and filled with great friends and family, not to mention nummy treats, too. So many special guests attended. It was just a wonderful day!

Tent by the pool.

The little girls took a break in the pool while we set things up earlier in the day.

About party time, the mosquitos began to arrive, univited.

Deanne and her girls

Sara and her classmates...all have been friends since elementary school!

Mom and darling Sue

Oh, those nummy cupcakes!

Ashtyn helping with gifts.

Abree playing hide and seek with a glass of lemonade in hand...caught her!

Guests watching the opening of gifts.

Sweet little Payton

Tamara, Joleen and Sue

Sara and Jill

Deanne enjoyingher grandson...we hope there will be more of those to come very soon!

So many special guests!

Deanne, Paula, Tamara and Sara

Ashtyn was begging to get into the pool, but mom wouldn't let her. Not everyone who wanted to swim had a suit, but Ash was willing to go in with the dress and give her suit to someone else!

Enjoying the beautiful evening, after all the guests had left and everything was cleaned up.

Feeding the fish after the party

Simply, a special day!