Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yes, it snowed all night long and is still snowing today. School was cancelled. The kids are thrilled, especially since it has warmed up to 20 degrees! Overnight we got easily over a foot of new snow to add to our previous stack. And, the big flakes are still falling! Can't remember a snow like this in years! OH, man I love it!!!! The hot chocolate is brewing.Ashtyn is blazing a trail for the littler kids to the sledding hill (in our pasture).Our neighbor Dustin ready to hit the snow. His mom dropped him off on her way to town and she couldn't get up our driveway in her 4-wheel drive. He had to walk in and meet Leonard. He came in the house and informed me he'd dropped a key to a lock on his bag in the snow on the way up. I laughed and told him we'd find it in the spring!! :)Abree is trying to follow Ash's path to the sledding hill. We could really lose her in some spots now!Ashtyn is helping Abree through a drift and into sledding territory. Notice how many boards you can see on the fence!

Here is what the back yard looks like! Isn't it beautiful??!!!!

Leonard has been out "farming" snow all morning in the tractor. I'm sure he'll be at it all day once he gets our house, the neighbors, his parents and our friends' houses done. He's really happy he bought a utility tractor with a cab and wonderful heating system this past summer! Makes the work much more pleasant!

Our family from California begins arriving today. Are they in for a shock!!! The California kids will have a great time in the NW sledding this winter!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it snow!!!!!

We just love the snow! It snowed...and blew all day long yesterday. Some places the drifts are more than 4 feet high! The kids played and sledded for hours. Today all of our church activities were cancelled due to snow and temperatures so they are at it again today. Their adventures didn't last quite as long today with 13 degree weather with a brisk wind...hmmm, wonder what the "feels like" temperature really is. They are currently inside warming up with hot chocolate and I'm sure they'll be out soon at it again. I'm thinking a fun bonfire would be perfect!!! We'll see if we can talk dad into it.

The kids are already hoping for a delay or cancellation of school tomorrow! :)
Plans are already being made!

Some of the drifts are so deep, Abree has to have help from Ash and Gunnar to get through them. I asked them not to leave her alone today...we might lose her in a drift!

They are having to work to get to the play area today! The kids thought it would be a great idea to dig a tunnel to the swing set. Mom had to break their hearts and inform them that it probably wasn't very safe!

Notice the rescue rig and the snow plow. Both have been busy all day long!!! This is at least the 3rd trip past our house today for the rescue unit. WSU's winter graduation was yesterday...way too many people going way too fast on Highway 26!

Friday, December 12, 2008

State Champs!

Last Saturday we traveled across the state to Tacoma to watch our Tigercats play for the state football championship. The kids were so excited to get there, they could hardly stand it! The boys provided for an exciting and gut-wrenching night of football. With a 2 point lead, 64-62 with just 1:10 to go, Justin intercepted the ball to regain posession and run out the clock for a victory. We were so proud of Justin and the entire team. They truly played their hearts out! This was the boys' 5th state championship in the past 7 years! It has been an incredible run!!!
Besides the big win, the night was just great fun! We were joined by our Prosser friends Lolli, Blake, Jenna, and Lauryn as they took their first look at 8-man football. A little different from the 11-man game they are use to! It is always wonderful to travel to the West side and see Uncle Norm, Aunt Barb, Kari, Nate, Cailyn and Jane as well. Everyone saw a great night of football.

Here are the proud cousins with Justin after the game (11 pm or so)!

Notice the very cool eye black they are all sporting!

And, no he doesn't normally have a was a team thing! Abree has been just disgusted with him for doing that to his hair. She just couldn't believe that he would do that.

A few dads even got in on the head shaving, not so attractive. When Uncle Jeff got his mohawk, Abree was really mad at him. She would walk by and elbow him, it was hilarious!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Holidays are here!

I know we all experience it...the rush and excitement of the holiday season! We hit the ground running this week! We started the week off with decorating our tree on Sunday night. The kids had so much fun. They were getting along, singing Christmas carols. I just loved how they "oohhh'ed and ahhhh'ed" over the ornaments and shared with each other the history they knew about each one...who gave it to them, why we got it, when they got it or made it. Wish it didn't have to end, but we ran out of ornaments and room on the tree!

Abree was very careful with her placement of ornaments. She had a favorite spot on the tree to put them as well. Monday morning after she was at school, I had to do some spreading out. I found a couple limbs with 3-4 ornaments stacked on them. :)

Gunnar made it very clear which ornaments were his and that they should all be on the front of the tree! We had to remind him regularly that we must decorate the entire tree. He just giggled with excitement all evening. He was just singing away all night. As soon as he got his sisters going on one carol and it was done, he'd jump right into another! (He was also a huge help in getting the tree up and ready to be decorated. He also helped Mom get all the decorations out of storage. Mom couldn't have done it without him.)

Ashtyn was the "spacer" constantly rearranging to make sure every part of the tree was covered and some areas not overloaded. She was such a big help. Tonight we're decorating the rest of the house, but she isn't too happy about that as she'd rather be on her way to Tacoma! (We'll address that later!)

Gage even got in on the action watching intently as his siblings ran around the room trying to make a silly green tree look pretty! He just bounced away and smiled as they sang and ran back and forth.

And, as you can see, the decorating was absolutely exhasting! He couldn't take any more!
He felt the way Mom feels each night as she stays up trying to get all the holiday tasks done, she doesn't do last minute well!

And, when it was all said and done, the girls decided their brother should take a little vacation and spend some time in the tree decoration container as they were getting ready to send it back out to storage. They thought it would be delightful if they could just pack him away for a few days! Silly girls, Mom rescued him...but I think he liked it a little!

Monday...brought Abree's dance Christmas party and watch day! She just loves that she is finally able to dance after all the years of watching big sis!

Tuesday...brought Ashtyn's Bible Study and Cougar basketball. It was a late night for all of us, but so much fun to root on the Cougs!

Wednesday...brought Gage officially being 5 months. Best part of all, he got to try cereal.

Not to sure with that first bite...

But that was all it took to convince him that cereal was alright. He literally didn't spit much out and began swalling immediately. He was opening his mouth for the next bite. Never had a little one do this. Usually the first feedings, I was wearing more than the kids ingested!

He's really liking it. I'm sure he'll be 20 lbs very soon at this rate!

Wednesday also had us squeezing in 4-H sewing of stockings for those in need in the area and then the annual school Christmas concert. They all did a fantastic kids love to sing! Abree was very easy to hear in her preschool group. Her siblings continually remind her to SING LOUD, and the darling did. Gunnar did a great job, knowing all the words to every groups' songs after sitting through all the rehearsals. Ashtyn had a really fun, upbeat solo that she nailed. Shhh...don't tell her I told you, but she was accepted into the Washington State Honor Chorus which will train and sing in February!

I just love getting the kids dressed up in the Christmas outfits. Don't they look nice! Gage was also dressed up by worn out by the time this photo was taken. He'd had enough.

Thursday...we finally got to be home for most of the day. Abree and Mom went to Colfax shopping for one of her preschool teacher's Christmas gifts. It was fun!

And, today...Friday...Abree has her last day of preschool and will start her Christmas vacation. It will be fun to have her here all day every day. Tonight we will finish decorating the house for the holidays.

Tomorrow we will rise very early, load up in the suburban and drive to Tacoma to cheer on the cousins as their team plays for the state football championship. The kids are bummed we didn't leave today...the team did!!! :P Our boys don't play until the late game tomorrow night so they've been assured that there will be plenty of time to get there, see friends and get ready to cheer loud. They've got their eye black ready to go! (Thanks, Justin!)
We have been praying that the boys will win. It would be so wonderful for Justin to win a state championship as a captain and leader of the team. And, especially wonderful, for him to win a championship with his brother on the team. GO CATS!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Almost 5 months!!!

I finally had professional pictures taken of Gage. Sad to say that he is almost 5 months old (next week) and I'm just getting to it. The other 3 had about 2 or 3 rounds taken by now! Sorry Gage!!! And, he did such a great job posing for the photographer. She and I were both sweating from working so hard to get him balanced, looking the right direction and smiling somewhat! Sweet big sister Abree also was a trooper on keeping his attention.

We can't quite figure out his hair color as it changes so much with the light he is in.
But, with this pictures...hmmm, it looks pretty red! :)

Here he is the little guy is studded up in his sweater vest and jeans!
Wish he'd never grow out of this outfit.

Look our 4 1/2 month old can sit all by his self. He is so amazing!
I was holding him up from behind and they just hid my arm with "tools."

I love this picture! I literally have probably 10 pictures total with all my kids as I'm the one who takes all the pictures in our family. I told the lady today this would be one of the few chances I could get one with him! :) I can hardly believe our little blessing is almost 5 months old. Truly wish I could freeze time. He is such a joy to all of us. I just love how the kids come running in the house from school and fight over who gets to hold him, kiss him, feed him. He is truly adored! Each day is incredible with his smile, smells (good and bad), jabbering, and tricks. We love you, Gage!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I was tagged by Lauryn!

Name: Ashtyn Mae

Age: 10

Nicknames: T, Beep, Ashers, Ya-Ya (Abree's name for me), Sissy

Favorite Activities: Basketball, volleyball, soccer, Cougar basketball, riding horses, roping, branding, showing steers, Kids of Faith

Favorite Foods: corn on the cob, bbq ribs, donuts, red grapes, ice cream, Kit Kats, Butterfinger, steamed clams

Least Favorite Foods: teryaki dippers, apricots

Favorite Music: Our Song (Taylor Swift), Eye of the Tiger, Go to Heaven (K. Chesney), Picture to Burn (T. Swift)

Toys: my horse, MP3 Player, cows, basketballs, Gage

Books: Series of Unfortunate Events #1..don't like reading much...shhh, don't tell my teacher!

What Makes Me Happy: brownies, friends, my horse, my family, camping

What Makes Me Sad: being away from family and friends, hearing Gage cry, selling my animals at the fair (until I get the check!), when G'ma & G'pa go to California
Tag: Christa (Brooklyn), Brandy (JP & Karly), Kirk :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Soccer Season

"G" loved playing soccer this year. He has figured out the game and became much more aggressive. It was so much fun to watch him. He wouldn't get caught up in the crowd around the ball, but would wait for the pass outside the crowd and be ready to play his position.

I was so proud of him and how hard he worked. He absolutely loved every part of it. Each night before the game he'd set all his stuff out on the floor of his room. And every morning he'd ask me which order the layers went! (We mom's appreciate being needed!)

Blue ball, out of bounds!

Calling for the ball from out-of-bounds.
He is such a team player! I truly think his favorite part of each game is high fiving the teammate who scored a goal! He and Blake got pretty good at it. At least they weren't belly bumping like last year when the other team was scoring!

And, of coure, once the game is over boys will be boys. Dad thinks real men who play real sports tackle any way! He and his buddy Jett had lots of fun during the big kids' games.

She's a cowgirl!

Yesterday our little "fire cracker" went to preschool in a cute little dress with her tall brown fashion boots. She looked just adorable. When she got home, she heard dad was going some where and asked if she could go. Once he said yes, Miss Independent ran back to her room and this is what she came out in to go to town. She was quite proud of herself! Her dad ended up taking her all gussied up! (I was giggling watching them load up in the pick-up!)This little gal loves to wear her dresses and be girly, but she loves to be a farm girl, too! But, of course, everything must be pink. She had her choice of many different hats, but she picked pink. The boots had to be pink.

She knew she looked fantabulous! She had no idea where she was going. It could have been the feedlot, the shop, on the tractor...she was ready!

Such good buddies...if he's going, she wants to ride along!

Our Sweet Gage!

It is so hard to believe that our sweet little Gage is already 3 1/2 months old! He's a mama's boy and doesn't like it when I get too far away. Therefore, he helps with laundry, meals and much more!

Gage has the best smile! He will just turn it on to anyone who will talk to him. Look, I have a blue eyed boy...all the other kids have brown eyes. Grandma Joleen is thrilled to get another blue eyed baby.

And, Gage likes to talk. He just jabbers away...and drools!

Mom where are you! He will just be smiling away, and as soon as I get behind the camera he becomes very concerned.

Our little blessing is growing way too quickly. He is still a little fussy, but his dad says it is because his skin is stretching so quickly with fat rolls! Can't wait for his 4 month check-up to get an official weight. He is now wearing 6-9 month clothes. Sure wish I could freeze time!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fair time!

Early September was our county fair and Ashtyn and her friend Freckles had a wonderful experience. After feeding Freckles for over a year, Ashtyn was able to show him off!

Pull!!! Freckles didn't like to walk much, it was too much effort.
I guess 1,439 lbs is quite a bit of weight to move.

Freckles and Ashtyn became great friends!

Cousin Jake was so much help to Ashtyn. Freckles looked good!

Off to make some money!

In the sale was harder to leave him than any of us ever thought! Leaving the first market animal behind at the fair is so tough!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Days of School

Ashtyn is 10 years old and already a 5th grader!! I keep telling her she can repeat a grade and stay in elementary school for a bit longer, but she rolls her eyes at me and thinks I'm crazy. This will be her last year in elementary school.

A 1st Grader!!!! Yes, Gunnar is now 7 years old and so happy to be a first grader and going to school every day! He loves reading, math, PE and, of course, recess. As you can see he has some serious long hair growing. He has always wanted "bangs," and he now has them. He just loves his long hair and kept it all summer long no matter how hot it got. He is quite proud of it, and likes to wear it like his cool high school cousins wear theirs.

Look, they are smiling and touching...ahhh, they do like each other. :) Maybe it is because it is the first day of school and they know they don't have to see each other all day every day!

Finally, Miss Abree, now 4 years old, gets to ride the bus and go to school like her big sister and big brother! Even though she had to wait two long weeks after they started, she was so excited to fill her back pack with her school supplies, wear her pretty dresses, and eat in the cafeteria. Always waking up happy, on this day she opened her eyes, looked at me and asked, "Do I go to school today?" When I replied, "yes!" She jumped up, threw her arms in the air and yelled, "YES" while pumping her arms. It was precious. And, when I pick her up every day at noon, she runs out of class with a big grin, jumps in my arms, and says, "I missed you, Mommy!" (It warms my heart to know Miss Independent does still need her mom.)

The kids!