Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Days of School

Ashtyn is 10 years old and already a 5th grader!! I keep telling her she can repeat a grade and stay in elementary school for a bit longer, but she rolls her eyes at me and thinks I'm crazy. This will be her last year in elementary school.

A 1st Grader!!!! Yes, Gunnar is now 7 years old and so happy to be a first grader and going to school every day! He loves reading, math, PE and, of course, recess. As you can see he has some serious long hair growing. He has always wanted "bangs," and he now has them. He just loves his long hair and kept it all summer long no matter how hot it got. He is quite proud of it, and likes to wear it like his cool high school cousins wear theirs.

Look, they are smiling and touching...ahhh, they do like each other. :) Maybe it is because it is the first day of school and they know they don't have to see each other all day every day!

Finally, Miss Abree, now 4 years old, gets to ride the bus and go to school like her big sister and big brother! Even though she had to wait two long weeks after they started, she was so excited to fill her back pack with her school supplies, wear her pretty dresses, and eat in the cafeteria. Always waking up happy, on this day she opened her eyes, looked at me and asked, "Do I go to school today?" When I replied, "yes!" She jumped up, threw her arms in the air and yelled, "YES" while pumping her arms. It was precious. And, when I pick her up every day at noon, she runs out of class with a big grin, jumps in my arms, and says, "I missed you, Mommy!" (It warms my heart to know Miss Independent does still need her mom.)

The kids!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trying this

Ok, I'm trying this blog thing and see how it works with our busy schedule. After looking at the stack of pictures I developed this past weekend and figuring out who needs what, I'm thinking a blog might be easier to keep up with our family's busy schedule. Don't expect anything too great as I try to figure all the goodies and add-ons out! :) I'm putting trust in my "blog veteran" friends to guide me through this.