Monday, April 13, 2009

Celebrating Easter!

He has risen! He has risen indeed!

The kids

Easter is my favorite celebration of the year! It is a time to rejoice in Jesus Christ and the proof that He is absolutely awesome! He gave his life for you and me, everyone! He proves His love for us each and every day and I'm so thankful for our Savior that gave his son to us. His death and resurrection provides us with knowledge of eternal life...WOW!!!!! How lucky are we?!!

I love that Easter falls in the spring of the year! It is always so glorious come rain or shine, and we had a little of both this year. I was just glad we didn't have to fully winterize the kids' Easter outfits this year!

Saturday was quite chilly for the Easter Egg Hunt in the park, but we weathered the storm. Gage had help from his big sister Ash (too old for the hunt), Abree required holding mom's hand or she'd just watch, and Gunnar could care less if anyone was around, he was on a mission. (You won't find pictures of Gunnar's hunting adventures at the park as he was long gone by the time the others found a few eggs and I wasn't running to catch up with him!)

Gage's 1st hunt with help of big sis

Abree after she picked up a few eggs and let go of Mom's hand.

Saturday evening was egg coloring at our house once dad got home from tractor work. The kids were antsy all day and did a great job coloring and experimenting with color mixing. Gage and dad chose to hang out on the floor and practice crawling instead of coloring.

Me and my girls (photo courtusy of Gunnar)

Bunny ears and Eggs...

Working on making one beautiful!

Gage and dad working on crawling while we colored eggs.

Sunday morning I got up to make cinnamon rolls very early and our early riser Abree joined me very anxious for the day's events. But, I wouldn't let her wake anyone until after 7. The kids ran, giggled and enjoyed a beautiful sunny morning of egg collecting. Their offering for church came from the lute that was collected in the "golden" eggs found that morning. They thought it was a great idea!

The Easter Bunny brought her the new Taylor Swift did he know it was just what she wanted?

Gage trying to get it by himself!

With baskets full, G and Abree

Church was full...yeah, we love it that way! Leonard's sister Sharron and her husband Brad joined us. Easter services are so uplifting and warming. I just love it! Everyone dressed up, happy, rejoicing in the Lord...what could be better!

After church we loaded up and headed to Othello for a delightful brunch with my parents and my brother's family. It was very low key and fun! We had way too much food as always, but man was it GOOD!

Rylee and Abree filling the cupcake tree for brunch with their polkadot dresses.

The grandkids lined up for their Easter surprise from Grandma Joleen.
Love how intent they are on what she has to say!
The McKay Grandkids
God is great!

Happy 60th Birthday, Grandpa!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Gunnar, Ashtyn, Myles, Grandpa, Abree, Gage and Rylee
(Missing was Austen)

My dad celebrated his 60th Birthday on April 8. As is tradition, the celebration included dinner and birthday cake! It worked perfectly that we could join everyone. What a fun evening it was! I feel so lucky to live close enough to be able to participate in most of the family events.
Yeah for my kids!
Getting ready to blow out candles!

Make a wish...with lots of little help!

My dad with his parents and sister!

Thank you, Dad/Grandpa, for being such a wonderful dad/grandpa! You are a caring and giving person. We are so lucky to have you in our lives to be a role model and friend! WE LOVE YOU!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring is finally here!

Yeah! Spring weather is finally here for us to enjoy. It was a long cold spring break, but the last 3 days made up for it completely. The entire day yesterday was spent outside enjoying the weather. The first part of the day was spent riding horses. The kids have been waiting all winter for a good day to ride, and they got it. Abree and Gunnar even to got join in on the fun with Ashtyn and her friends Lexi and Torrie.

Gunnar brushing Otis and getting ready to saddle.

Abree riding Otis, she's been waiting all winter! Sarita was so wonderful with her during "lessons!"

Gunnar riding in the arena. He likes to trot and doesn't want to get off!

Ashtyn and her friends heading to the arena to ride.

Gage taking in the action! Oh, I'm a lucky mom...he loves it outside.

Torrie on Pansy, Ash on Pali, and Lexi on Cruz.

Once that was done we headed to work calves. The kids just love branding season. Our friends work calves the "old fashioned" chutes or electric branding irons needed. They gather on horse back, seperate and then rope the calves and drag them to the fire. Yes, we brand with a fire that warms the branding irons! Our kids just love tackling the calves once their roped, holding them down while their being shot, cut and branded, and then chasing them back up the pen. Gunnar this year and last really got into being the "nut" collector...yuck! He was very focused and didn't miss a bull calf, and was right there to check each calf to see if it was a heifer or bull. Needless to say, he was quite dirty when he got home, as were all of them.
(Our friends will do this every Saturday and Sunday from now until early May...the kids will join in when their schedule allows.)

Getting their instructions from Butch!

Torrie, Ashtyn and Lexi pushing calves up to find their mamas.

Gage's first horse ride with Shane, his Godfather!

Gunnar's hand off from Leo.

Ash and Lexi taking a break.

Gunnar quite proud of his bloody hands.

Abree's happy place. She is quite content watching the action from the fence. "Mom, next year when I'm six, I'll help and get in there!"

Caleb roping a calf and draggin' it in.

Ash and Caleb holding down a calf while Shane, Monte and Butch do their work.

Spring is my absolute favorite season...the green wheat, sunsets, warmer weather, flowers! It is fantastic! Just the inspiration we need after so much "inside" time this winter. What a great day!My kitchen window view just before dusk.Sunset from the front yard! Isn't it loverly!??!