Monday, August 24, 2009

Sara's Bridal Shower

Me, my mom and my little sister

Saturday we celebrated my sister Sara's upcoming wedding with a beautiful bridal shower at her future in-laws' home. It was a perfect day, with an amazing setting, and filled with great friends and family, not to mention nummy treats, too. So many special guests attended. It was just a wonderful day!

Tent by the pool.

The little girls took a break in the pool while we set things up earlier in the day.

About party time, the mosquitos began to arrive, univited.

Deanne and her girls

Sara and her classmates...all have been friends since elementary school!

Mom and darling Sue

Oh, those nummy cupcakes!

Ashtyn helping with gifts.

Abree playing hide and seek with a glass of lemonade in hand...caught her!

Guests watching the opening of gifts.

Sweet little Payton

Tamara, Joleen and Sue

Sara and Jill

Deanne enjoyingher grandson...we hope there will be more of those to come very soon!

So many special guests!

Deanne, Paula, Tamara and Sara

Ashtyn was begging to get into the pool, but mom wouldn't let her. Not everyone who wanted to swim had a suit, but Ash was willing to go in with the dress and give her suit to someone else!

Enjoying the beautiful evening, after all the guests had left and everything was cleaned up.

Feeding the fish after the party

Simply, a special day!

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